Be Extraordinary

Never Ordinary

Hi! I'm Melanie East.


I'm a multi award-winning and highly experienced newborn photographer, leading newborn photography trainer and newborn safety expert. I have over fifteen years experience in the field of newborn photography and run a successful newborn photography business in Bristol.


I love to see newborn photographers thrive in their art and in their business. I teach newborn photographers at all stages of their career - from those just starting out, to highly experienced photographers who want to really refine their work and their business. I offer newborn photography workshops and newborn photography 1:1 masterclasses. I also offer three month remote mentoring as well as 4 day intensive 1:1s.


Newborn safety is one of my values, and I can show you how to work creatively while never once compromising the safety of your tiny newborn clients. With so many newborn photographers taking risks, this is an essential part of your learning.

Allow me to teach you all that is possible in the art and business of newborn photography.


Let me show you how to set yourself apart as a creative newborn artist and business owner.

Let me teach you how to be extraordinary - never ordinary...


With me - you, your art and your business are in safe hands.

Melanie x

Newborn training Melanie East

Your journey is unique

Just as every newborn photography studio should be unique.

Learning with me is a journey. I provide back up support after your in person tuition so that you never feel abandoned.


I will support and encourage you. I will help you discover and build on your photographic and business ability.


Building a profitable and creative business can be hard and isolating - I'm right here.


"I would not be producing the work I am now, if it was not for melanie" - deana Hewitt


Melanie East is a specialist newborn photography trainer and newborn safety expert. Her belief is that newborn safety should come before any shot, and that taking risks with newborn babies is unnecessary. Melanie is a published author on the subject of newborn photography and teaches newborn photographers throughout the world.


T. 07590 813858