The Art and Soul of Newborn Photography is the joint collaboration of Melanie East & Clare Louise, created from the heart.


Two leading trainers in different fields and highly respected photographers from the UK, who have come together through following their passion.


Delivering a series of workshops and retreats, Melanie East and Clare Louise's mission is to empower newborn photographers around the world to build profitable, authentic businesses from passion & creativity.

"What didn't I learn?

I learned everything"



newborn training

MELANIE EAST , one of the UK's leading newborn photographers and trainers and a newborn safety expert, brings THE ART to this dynamic duo.


Melanie has been training photographers all over the world since 2012 in how to run a profitable business and how to create beautiful timeless images of baby which sell, whilst always keeping baby safety at the forefront of every photographer's mind.


Melanie is passionate about newborn safety and believes creativity and safety should come hand in hand in newborn photography. She has made it her mission to educate photographers that creativity does not have to compromise safety, and that safety does not have to compromise creativity

CLARE LOUISE , Creative Leadership Coach, brings THE SOUL element into this partnership. An award-winning fine art photographer, she has travelled the world speaking about authentic creativity since 2010.


Clare Louise believes every creative deserves to follow their dreams, and is passionate about empowering creatives to open their minds and hearts to what's possible through the power of authentic creativity and creating deeper connections to their art.


Clare Louise's vision is to connect creatives globally to authentic creativity so they can lead meaningful lives doing what they love and discover the magic within.

The Art and Soul of Newborn Photography focuses on four key elements: Newborn safety, personal empowerment, creative development and building strong foundations in your business.

The Retreat

One of the biggest challenges newborn photographers face today is building a profitable authentic business that fuels their passion and pushes their creativity.


There are many keys to any successful business. One of them is the business owner's ability to drive the business forwards in a way which inspires them to grow it with passion. Another is for the business owner to be at their heart of their business confidently.


On this workshop, Melanie East and Clare Louise invite you to explore all that is possible for you, your business and your creativity and give you the tools to empower your business so that it can reach its full potential.



Melanie East and Clare Louise have been invited to speak at the Canadian Imaging Conference and Expo 2020 by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), as keynote presenters. After the success of their Italy 2019 retreat will be running a 1 day workshop at the PPOC's annual conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; followed up by a 2 day workshop in Regina.


You can find out about their joint workshops and individual presentations here.