Are you ready to build a profitable authentic business with passion and creativity?

One of the biggest challenges newborn photographers face today is building a profitable, authentic business that fuels the passion and push pushes their creativity.


There are many keys to any successful business, one of them is the business owner's ability to drive the business in a way which inspires them grow it with passion.


Another is for the business owner to be at the heart of their business confidently.


On this workshop Melanie East and Clare Louise invite you to explore all that is possible for you, your business and your creativity and give you the tools to empower your business so it can reach its full potential.



I'm 10 years into my photography career

what I wouldn't give to have had this

available to me at the start - where would

I be today?


This is so much more than I was expecting.

I had hoped that it would help me make some changes in my business.


Instead you've changed my life


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The retreat blew me away.

I expected good - I didn't expect life changing.


It's totally changed my outlook in my business and my personal life, something I wasn't expecting. I now have vision to create with meaning and soul and I'm so excited about what I will be able to produce


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This retreat was powerful and amazing. It definitely helps you spring forwards in all the right directions. I walked out feeling transformed into a whole and complete creative.


This retreat definitely lives up to its name.


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What can I say? It was honestly

something else - I could never have imagined to get what I did from this retreat.


It was worth every penny. I've taken away so much knowledge from it, understanding about myself and amazing friendships.


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Melanie East is a specialist newborn photography trainer and newborn safety expert. Her belief is that newborn safety should come before any shot, and that taking risks with newborn babies is unnecessary. Melanie is a published author on the subject of newborn photography and teaches newborn photographers throughout the world.


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