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Newborn photography and staying positive

This post is all about newborn photography and staying positive. I teach many newborn photographers both in the UK and throughout the world. If you are a newborn photographer then you will not be photographing newborns at the moment, given the worldwide pandemic. I made the decision to temporarily close the studio. This was before the UK went on lockdown. Those that know me know that safety is my overriding principle in my studio and that includes any risk of infectious disease.

It’s easy as a photographer to sit and think “yikes – no work”. But actually you do have work! You have time now to do all the things for your business that you never had time to do before!

Staying positive can often require a mindset flip. I list some examples below.

  • instead of thinking “I have no work”, think “I do have work. I may not be shooting at the moment, but I can still be working on the backend of my business”
  • instead of thinking “I’m stuck inside and can’t go anywhere, think “I am in the best possible place and staying safe”
  • instead of thinking “I don’t know when this will end, everything is so uncertain”, think “things are uncertain but I can’t control that. What I can control is staying safe and listening to government advice to remain safe. This will pass.”

Take pleasure in the little things. I love to bake, so I will take time out of my day to bake a cake, or make some bread rolls. The simple things such as sunshine, the smell of fresh coffee, the new spring blooms can bring happiness if you stop for a while and just remain in the moment.

Be proactive. Now is the time to do a photography healthcheck on your business. Check your subscriptions – are you paying out for something you no longer use and don’t need? Look for offers – Adobe offers two months free when you go to cancel your membership. Light Blue Software are offering a 50% reduction on their subscriptions for those who need it, for three months.

HMRC are offering to pay self employed people 80% of their average net monthly earnings. This will be based over the past three years up to £2,500 per month for three months. This is available to those who earn no more than £50,000 per year net. HMRC will pay this directly into your bank account in one lump sum.

I run a Facebook group called Melanie East – The Art of the Newborn – if you are a newborn photographer and you would like to join then come on over. It’s a very friendly supportive group.

If you are interested in having me teach you newborn photography (art and/or business) at a later date, when all is calmer, or you would like some online remote mentoring then do get in touch by clicking here. Details on both can be found by clicking here. If you are a mama to be and you have landed on this blog post then you may like my other site – please click here for that.

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