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Newborn Photography Education

I am delighted to be a leader in the field of newborn photography education. As many know, I teach 1:1 to ensure a super learning experience. My aim is for delegates to leave inspired, excited and full of creativity ready for the next stage in their business.

One of the photographers I have taught a couple of times now is Trixie Hiscock. I am pleased to bring you an interview with Trixie in which she discusses her journey.

Trixie – thank you so much for joining me. What did you do before you became a newborn photographer?

I was and am still a portrait photographer. I cover maternity, baby’s first year, kids, family and pet portraiture. Really I desperately wanted to gain the skills that would give me the confidence to push for more newborn clients.

What made you want to become a photographer and what is it about newborn photography that attracted you.

I had always been a keen amateur photographer (following in my grandfather’s amateur footsteps). When I met my husband, Graham, he was a videographer (now a full time photographer too). Graham encouraged and pushed me to take the photography more seriously. We both qualified to Licentiate level, he with the BIPP and I with the MPA. I have always been very aware that newborn photography could be a lot bigger a part of my business and that the newborn sessions could sit very nicely alongside the other services I offer.

I love that you have followed in your grandfather’s footsteps! How long have you been in full time business?

I’ve been a full-time photographer for 15 years now – I built my confidence and reputation initially photographing my own kids and those of my friends and family.

Why did you choose Melanie East to train you in the art of newborn photography?

I met Melanie at an Association when she was teaching newborn photography and loved her style of photography and teaching. I was inspired by her imagery and have always liked the fact that Melanie has such a strong sense of the importance of baby’s safety first and foremost when posing and photographing newborn babies.

How many times have you trained with Melanie and what improvement did you notice after each session?

I have attended 3 training days with Melanie. It has always been important for me to learn to photograph babies properly. I feel very strongly about safety as you cannot afford to take risks. One of the first training days with Melanie was with newborn twins. Later I decided I would also love to learn a non posed natural way to photograph newborns. I therefore undertook one of her “Naturally Newborn” training days. This focused on photographing baby just as baby is, using soft whites and very little posing. Each time I have trained with Melanie I have come away with new knowledge and enthusiasm. Also I have learned wrapping, lighting and safe posing techniques. The nature of newborn photography means that no two sessions are the same. Following my training with Melanie, I can now offer two very different styles of newborn photography. I am now confident in wrapping and settling and I am able to set up and control my lighting to get the results I want to achieve.

Would you recommend Melanie’s training to other newborn photographers? If yes please explain why.

Absolutely. Melanie is very knowledgeable, and always clear and concise in her style of training. The after training support that she gives is amazing – critique is always given when it’s asked for and Melanie has given me lots of pointers re fine-tuning lighting etc when I’ve had a blip of skill/ confidence.

How do you prepare for a shoot?

I allow a minimum of 2 hours to think about and implement setups and workflow etc. I always make sure the studio is warm, clean and welcoming with complimentary supplies of nappies and wipes and parents are catered for with snacks and drinks (This interview was carried out pre covid19 – ME).

What are your safety practices when photographing newborn babies?

I don’t operate with an assistant, so tend to try and choose setups where baby is either safely laying on their back or being held by a parent. I will however, use mum or dad to support baby’s head should the parents want shots where this is necessary ie baby in basket etc. The hand will then be cloned out in post production.

Why do you think it’s important to invest in continuing professional development?

There is always something new to learn or improvements to be made. I always function better as a photographer with the support of a mentor/trainer and being a part of the group that Melanie offers on facebook is invaluable. I’ve also made some great new photography friends into the bargain!

If you could give just one tip to a newborn photographer just starting out what would it be?

Not to get carried away buying all the kit and props you THINK you need. Invest in training first and then build the rest gradually.

Thank you so much Trixie! You can view Trixie’s work right here.

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