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Newborn photography training is a journey

Newborn Photography Training is a Journey with Me

And I love that journey! When I am teaching, I tend to establish a long term relationship with my delegates. I usually attract delegates who believe that newborn photography training is a journey and not just a one off teaching session. Sometimes however it may well be that a one off is all that is needed – it all depends on where the delegate is now, and where they want to be. My delegates realise and appreciate that you can’t possibly always learn everything there is to know in one session. You know – you simply can’t do it all at once! Newborn photography training should not be viewed as a quick-fix. Rather it should be viewed as a long term project. A project where you grow in terms of your art and your business, your confidence and profitability.

There are normally three stages in a photographer’s journey. Let’s take it right from the very beginning:

  1. Novice – the photographer may be completely new to photography or they may be new to the genre of newborn photography so they invest in training in “how to* do it.
  2. Developing and refining skills – the photographer gets to a stage where they want to improve further and refine their work. They may be wanting to enter competitions or obtain the next stage in their qualification. They are understanding and developing their style.
  3. Business – The photographer wants to ensure their business is profitable or they may want to increase profitability and work smarter not harder.

Georgia Lemon

Georgia is a client of mine. I’ll be featuring her interview shortly, but let’s look briefly at Georgia’s journey with me. Here is what she booked and what Georgia had to say about each.

1-2-1 at Melanie’s – I saw an immediate difference with Melanie’s training. Before coming to Melanie I was a relatively new photographer (albeit qualified in portraiture) and completely new to newborns. Attending my initial one to one with Melanie gave me the confidence and skills to go away and build a portfolio of work and create saleable images. 

Italian Retreat 2018 – the difference in my pre Italy shoots and post Italy shoots after Melanie’s tuition was unbelievable. So much so that an image shot in a session in the weeks after Italy scored an Award of Excellence in the Scottish MPA awards. Something I could never have dreamt of, just 2 years into my photography career. 

1-2-1 My studio – after Melanie’s visit I took a while to sit back and reflect on the advice given and particularly in relation to sales, marketing and ordering sessions. On the advice of Melanie I revised my collections, reduced my Wall Art offerings (to become more streamlined and creative) and made significant changes to my digital image pricing.  This was something we covered in detail together. As a mum to two young children and expecting my third, I wanted to work smarter and reduce the hours I was working but without having a detrimental effect to profit. I worried that making these changes would impact on the volume of customers. However, Melanie taught me that the gaining the “right” clients for me is more important than just “any” client and she taught me how to do that.

Melanie’s advice and tuition worked – I do have less clients but the clients I now have are spending much more than I could have imagined so I am now working less hours for more money – something as a mum of two young children I am very grateful for! 

My average sales figures since implementing Melanie’s advice have at least doubled and in many cases tripled. Wall art sales have increased. “


So let’s analyse the results from Georgia’s three step training with me:.

  1. She started out completely new to newborn photography. She invested in a 1:1 with me and attending that gave her the confidence and skills to build a portfolio of work and create saleable images. Perfect.
  2. Georgia then wanted to refine her work further so she invested in the Italian Retreat with me. What happened straight after that? She won an Award of Excellence. Superb.
  3. Then, Georgia realised she wanted to work smarter. She knew how valuable having me in her studio would be so she had me come to *her* studio in Aberdeen. We carried out a morning of photography, and an afternoon of business. Having me in her space was incredibly useful for Georgia because I could immediately see her set up, particularly important in terms of the design room. Our afternoon of business was particularly of importance to Georgia. What happened after that? She doubled and in many cases tripled her sales.


Training split into stages works. Georgia (and many of my other delegates who will feature) are firm evidence of that. It is a journey. You can see the steps which Georgia followed.

Perfect the Art, which in turn increases your confidence. Know your business which in turn increases profitability. I can show you how.

To book me for newborn photography training and have me help you on your journey please get in touch with me here . We can look at where you are now, and where you want to be and devise a plan.

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