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Newborn photography training

Melanie East | In conversation with Pippa Brown

I have a series of interviews with newborn photographers who have invested in newborn photography training with me coming up.

I’m now going to introduce you to a very talented newborn photographer – a busy mother of two who decided to change career and become a newborn photographer. She first contacted me for newborn photography training just over two years ago, as she wanted a more flexible and creative career that she could work around her growing family. She has a degree in psychology and was previously a cognitive behavioural therapist working within the National Health Service helping those with anxiety and depression. She is married and a busy mother of two adorable young boys

When I first taught this lovely newborn photographer, she had never really even picked up a professional camera. I have therefore taught her right from the very beginning. Now, just two and a half years later she runs a profitable newborn photography business doing what she loves. The name of this talented newborn photographer? Pippa Brown. Pippa is evidence of what you can achieve when you invest in training, learn what is being taught, and implement what you have learned. She has returned to me several times for updated training to continue to refine her work and to ensure she keeps up to date with continuing professional development – something which is very important. Pippa is somebody who doesn’t want to waste time – indeed with a young growing family (and four dogs and a husband!) she doesn’t have time to waste! If she wants to learn something, she comes to me to be taught, goes back to her studio and immediately implements it. She is highly motivated to be the best she can be and to create the best for her clients.

I am very proud of Pippa and with the work she is producing for her clients.

Newborn Photography Training.  Melanie East interviews Pippa Brown

Why did you choose newborn photography as a career?

I wanted to be more creative and to have a business where I could work around my growing family.

What do you love about newborn photography?

I absolutely love everything to do with newborn photography. I love being able to capture a moment in time that is so short. I love dressing the babies in super soft outfits and making them look cute and cuddly. I love parents to have these images to look back on in years to come and reminisce about how small and precious they once were. I love being creative in the studio and planning. It may look easy but it is far from it.

Your favourite set up?

My favourite set up is baby on their back in a posing nest – you can see their beautiful features, tiny hands and tiny feet. They are are so flexible and are curled up as if still in the womb.

Why did you choose Melanie East to train with you in the art and business of newborn photography?

I chose to train with Melanie because I was so impressed with her beautiful work. I came across her work on Google when I started to research newborn photography training. I can honestly say I am so glad I came across her website. Most importantly I could see the emphasis she put across on how imperative newborn safety is while handling babies. Being a complete novice, to be honest, I had no idea which is why I was so glad to have trained with Melanie who teaches safety first beyond anything else.

Why did you book?

I booked because I loved her work. It looked so refined and stood out to me. She was also interested in what *I* wanted and needed to learn when first starting out. I’d never even used or held a professional camera.

What have you learned from Melanie in terms of your photography?

I have learned an incredible amount from Melanie. She has taught me how to pose babies safely, wrap babies (which is something I really struggled with at the start). She has taught me a lot about lighting subjects which again is a very tricky aspect of the job.

What have you learned from Melanie in terms of business?

Melanie taught me how to run a profitable business and how to attract new clients. She has given ongoing support since I first trained with her giving constructive critique which in turn has helped improve my work no end.

Why do you believe continued professional training is important?

I’ve trained with Melanie multiple times – it’s important to train more than once because in any job you would receive regular training. It’s important not to become complacent or get into bad habits. There are always new things I want to learn and improve.

What would you tell others about Melanie’s training?

I would definitely recommend Melanie to anyone looking to work with newborns. Her teaching style is unique and solely focuses on what you want to learn. I honestly don’t think I’d be as successful as I am now just two and a half years down the line, if it wasn’t for her training and advice.

Please check out Pippa’s lovely work by clicking here.

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