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Newborn photography tuition – Refinement

I very recently carried out a newborn photography tuition session on refinement. This was a 1:1 for a photographer who has already achieved her licenciate qualification with one of the professional photography bodies. She wanted to me to teach her how to refine her skills so that she can learn how to take her work to the next level. I absolutely love it when photographers contact me to learn and particularly to refine their work. The licentiate qualification is an important step – it means you provide work of a sellable quality. However, you shouldn’t stop there! Pushing yourself in terms of always wanting to do better and provide better for your clients is always a great thing.

I consulted with my delegate and I went through her licentiate panel with her. I was easily able to see what is needed to get her to that next level and we will be working together to get her there. She has booked in another 1:1 with me for three months to allow her to practice what she has learned so far, and then refine further together.

We covered lighting refinement – how to shape the light, posing refinement, angle refinement, and wrapping refinement. These were the four key areas I identified for newborn photography tuition where this delegate needed more assistance.

Here is one of the images from the day. We had a lovely baby girl model for us. (Image posed, lit and photographed by me)

The delegate had a shoot the very next day after her tuition day with me and emailed to say:

“OMG Melanie! I learned so much from you!…”

Emails like that absolutely make my day, not only because I know I have taught properly and effectively, but also that I have a delegate who clearly implements what she is taught – and delegates like that make my heart sing! I was thrilled that this delegate could see a very clear difference in her work so quickly. I know she will go on to great things. She has the desire, the motivation and she’s hungry for it.

Later that day, I went through business with her as requested. I found some key areas which can be improved, and she’s already in the stages of implementing them.

This photographer was ready to commit to further enhancing her work, and her business. And in turn that will lead to more confidence which leads to a more profitable business.

Are you ready to do the same? Have a look at my info page to see what might be right for you and then contact me to arrange your date. I can’t wait to help you grow in your art and in your business.

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