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Newborn photography workshops v 1:1 training

Hello! I thought I’d explain some differences between newborn photography workshops and 1:1 training, so that you can decide which is best for you. This is a question I am often asked, so where better place to discuss it than here?

I carry out both newborn photography workshops and 1:1 training. Newborn workshops are group workshops which I run in my studio in Bristol and are limited to just four delegates. The reason I limit the numbers so hugely is because it is vital to me that each delegates gains a huge amount from my teaching. With my workshops you are not just another face in the room. I see workshops for 20 photographers or so, and I wonder how much of a benefit that really is to the paid delegate. How much attention can that delegate really get? Is there the opportunity for that delegate to have their shooting angles checked or their exposures checked? Is there the opportunity for that delegate to properly feel as if they are getting the large amount of attention they deserve?

One of my values when I teach photographers is to ensure that they receive more than they ever thought they would. I want my delegates to feel that they are important to me, that I care about their progress and that I give them the care and attention they deserve during their day(s) with me. I want them to leave inspired and excited about the changes they can make to both their art and (if they have booked business training), their business. I want them to feel that no question is a stupid question. That they can ask me anything relevant, and be guaranteed a straight answer.

My newborn workshops typically cover lighting, safety and posing in the morning, and business in the afternoon.

When attending a workshop with me, the only requirement I have is a willingness to learn, and an understanding of ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

My 1:1 teaching days are just that – One to one. Just you and me. These have great benefits. One of which is that we can go at exactly your pace. Everybody has their own learning style, and not everybody learns in the same manner. I take the time to find out which learning style suits you, and then teach accordingly. The day is completely tailor made to your exact requirements. This might be lighting refinement (or learning lighting from scratch). It might be posing refinement. It might be wrapping. It might be beanbag work or prop work. It might be creativity and finding your style. It might be editing or business. Whatever it is, my 1:1 days are there to suit your exact requirements.

Whichever you choose – all delegates receive a certificate of training from me.

To find out more about my workshops and 1:1 please click here.

If you live more than 40 miles away from Bristol and you are interested in newborn photography training then come along and join my Facebook group.

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