My philosophy to teaching photographers is simple: I want the very best for you.


I want you to enjoy every single moment of your time with me and to leave inspired, educated and excited to take the next step in your creative and business journey.


I will provide you with an environment which is conducive to learning and will encourage, teach, inspire and support you.


I'll show you what is possible within the genre of newborn photography and I'll give you the tools to create within your own style.


Every photographer is unique and each may be at a different stage of learning. I appreciate also that everybody has a different learning style, so I take the time to get to know you to find out how you learn best.


Before your day with me, I ensure I have a complete understanding of your current ability and needs so that our time together is highly productive.



"I came away from your training inspired to create and move forward with my business"


Melanie East is a specialist newborn photography trainer and newborn safety expert. Her belief is that newborn safety should come before any shot, and that taking risks with newborn babies is unnecessary. Melanie is a published author on the subject of newborn photography and teaches newborn photographers throughout the world.


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