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Training leads to success

Training leads to success

Training leads to success for newborn photographer Natalie Moss

It is known that training leads to success. This is something I tell newborn photographers all the time, because it’s true. Investing in training increases confidence once you implement what you have been taught. It increases ability and it should also increase profit. I teach many photographers who have gone on to win awards and/or qualify with leading photography associations. I love to teach but I absolutely really love seeing my photographer delegates succeed. I love to see them flourish and create their own style. Therefore, I am delighted to interview newborn photographer Natalie Moss on her award of Newborn Photographer of the Year 2019 from the Societies of Photographers.

Many congratulations Natalie on winning Newborn Photographer of the Year 2020 at The Societies of Photographers Awards.   What made you decide to become a newborn photographer?

Thanks so much.  I am absolutely delighted.  I’ve always loved photography, particularly shooting portraits and it was actually a friend that first suggested newborn photography to me.  After meeting you at a conference, he rang me that night and said that he thought I would love the idea of newborn work. I attended your training and immediately fell in love with newborn photography.  Not only do I love babies, but, I love to capture this special time.  The birth of a baby is magical and I feel lucky to photograph the love, journey and story of a new family.  

What was your previous career and how long have you been a newborn photographer? 

Although part of my degree was in Photography and I always dreamt of being a photographer. When I left university I actually ended up in Event Marketing and in 2006 I left the corporate world when I had my second child. Initially I began working in nursery photography but started newborn photography in 2014 when I undertook my first training course with you.  

What is it that appeals to you most about newborn photography and what made you decide to specialise in that particular genre? 

I love capturing the love, journey and story of a new family.  Working with newborns is very special (especially all the cuddles I get), and I like the emotion of this work – delicate, soft and pure.   

What made you decide to choose that particular image to enter?

I loved the simplicity of the shot and the way it captured the feeling of family unity.  Nothing distracts from the newborn and it’s all about them. The way the little one is smiling and holding his mother’s hand encapsulates the feeling of the love of a new family. Every time I look at this image it makes me smile, so I was hoping it would have the same effect for others viewing this image.  

It definitely does. It’s really delightful and is beautiful in every way.  The lighting, sympathetic editing, expression, emotive element and composition is super.   I particularly love the unfussy element to it – with attention drawn to exactly where it should be – the baby.     Tell our readers about your style of newborn photography.

I try to have a very simple, timeless and natural style.  Muted colours if any, and props that do not distract from the focus of the baby.  Over the years my style has naturally developed and something that has always been key for me is to create images with a timeless feel.  Ones you can look over in years to come and they will still look just as beautiful. 

Your favourite lens?

The Canon 24-70. f2.8

I have trained you a couple of times over the years in the art of newborn photography – can you tell our readers why you feel professional development is important? 

I really do believe you can never stop learning new things.  It is important to me to never get complacent – I want to push myself to always improve my work, be creative and learn new things.  My work has changed and improved so much since I began my journey and this is through training and hard work.  Good training is vital.  

To clarify for those who may not realise, this image is shot on a beanbag for safety.   This shows that you can create the most beautiful artistic images without compromising baby safety.  What is your safety message to newborn photographers?

Yes, this shot is done on a beanbag for safety.  Safety is paramount in newborn photography and should always be the number one priority when photographing babies.  No newborn should ever be put at risk for an image. With the ever growing popularity in newborn photography and the rise in number of newborn photographers, it is key to have the correct and appropriate training.

What would you say to newborn photographers who are just starting out? 

Make sure you invest in good quality training! And never give up on your dream!

Natalie – you absolutely deserved to win and it has been super to watch your journey. Many congratulations again. Here is Natalie’s absolutely beautiful image. Be sure to check out her work by clicking here

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