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What is creative newborn photography?

What is creative newborn photography? How can I be more creative in my work? Do I need to be creative? These are all questions that I get asked, hence this post.

Creative newborn photography is a term that I see used in a lot of newborn photography websites. There are some great creative newborn photographers out there – but it’s about so much more than just popping some flowers around a baby, albeit that always looks so pretty!

What does the term mean?

To my mind, being creative is about having an open mind. It’s about telling a story in your image. Creative use of light, textures and tones. Having a deep connection to your art, your subject and what you want to create. These are all elements that I believe are important when creating an image.

Digital Backgrounds

I never use any photographers’ digital backgrounds. Now please don’t misunderstand me – I think digital backgrounds are great – they certainly have their place and if you are working with a fussy baby – I am sure they can be an absolute life saver. The reason I don’t use them is simple – it’s somebody else’s creativity. Somebody else has thought up the concept and executed it. I want to produce authentic images that have been executed in studio by me. Where I make sure that I am thinking very carefully about the palette, tones and textures so that I can bring the whole image together. It’s important, of course, to ensure that the image works well within the client’s interior decor. Obviously it’s very important that I have thought about the light and the baby’s pose. I have thought about the story telling element and what we want to portray.

The client has usually had involvement. We may have discussed what it is that we wish to create, or sometimes the client wants me to come up with a concept and they don’t wish for involvement – although I have to say that is very rare.


The image below was created by me in front of a client in my studio from scratch. The baby is one hundred percent safe and this is something that is vital. When I pose babies I think very carefully about their poses, risk to breathing, temperature, position and a whole host of other things which may affect baby. It is vital to remember that you are dealing with a precious miracle here, – not a doll.

creative newborn photography

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